You might have already heard about our next new event, which will be dedicated to our organization's history by attempting to lift the spirits of the participants. Now, I would like to sup up briefly how the idea of this event was born. Although I have already contributed to the organization of several events of this type, this one will be a little bit different. It used to be part of our everydays but nowadays, it works on a voluntary basis - open to everyone. The ideas were born out of one big common objective and we agreed on the event's outlook in about 20 minutes.

After that, we divided the tasks among each other, which we continuously discussed and kept the accounts of week by week. In the very beginning, I was a bit sceptical about the success of our plan. Not because it seemed to be that complex, but the reason why I was not expected the people to be that motivated at all. For me, it was a great pleasure to have been introduced to such an active new community, which does not drain its members' power but on the contrary, it energizes them. Unfortunately, due to illness and travelling, I missed some community meetings including the sharing of the main tasks.

I was endowed with a kind of supporting role, which I did not regret at all. It gradually turned out who and how could contribute to the project the most effectively, let's be it the writing of an official letter or the design of different badges. The project had soon reached its final form: the location, the promos, the new graphics for the event and a lot of other things you will see, had been organized.

So, this is the short story of our 2019 Letter Writing Marathon. Should you be interested in further details about the campaign, please come and listen to us, while being surrounded by some stationery products.