After the creation of Freedom Clubs, Amnesty International Hungary's new project was the launch of Amnesty Youth Clubs in September of 2020. It aims to reach high school students who are interested in human rights or are eager to learn about them.

Our goal is to spread knowledge between our peers and make human rights education more inclusive and accessible, so they'll realize how important it is to stand up for them. The Youth Clubs are currently operating in two cities; Budapest and Debrecen. Our vision is to create a society that is free from any prejudices, encourages diversity and everyone can be safely themselves. A Hungary where checks and balances are respected and kept and no one is afraid to stand up for their human rights.


Communication: Peti Török (he/him)

They work on communication between the office and the group and ensure that the conversation is clear and understandable between the members and groups; plans and dates are communicated correctly.

Management: Eszter Csordás (she/her)

They are responsible for any administrative jobs and they have a broad view of every group's work; making sure everything is turned in in time and help is received where it's needed.

Social Media: Zorka Bellai (she/they)

They are managing our social media accounts and our blog, they are familiar with new trends that they'll use to react to human rights violations in the Clubs name and to advertise our events and campaigns.

Recruiting: Borbála Bozsó (she/her)

They are representing the Clubs at events and introducing them if we have a chance. They are also responsible for putting people, who are interested in joining, to our group chats and help them to integrate.

Research-Education: Laura Shaaban (she/her)

This team's job is to research current human rights issues and violations and educate the Club on them, especially if we are having an upcoming project about something.